Q: For how long is the download page working?
A: At least three months since a given pack's end. But it's still recommended to download and start listening to freshly-bought MusicRage pack, since it's definitely worth it!
Q: Why do you provide the amount in PLN (besides USD) on card payment page?
A: US Dollar is the primary currency on MusicRage, but due to banking and financial reasons we can accept card payments only in PLN (Polish Zloty). Therefore the card will be actually charged the PLN amount, that's why we provide it right next to "original" USD amount.
Q: Hi! I have a band and we really kick ass! Can we get involved?
A: Sure! Just send us an email to with some information about yourself and that you'd like to be featured in MusicRage.
Q: I'm a solo artists. Can I also be a part of it?
A: Of course you can!
Q: And what if we have a label?
A: It all depends on how you deal with your label. And of course, to what material the label owns author rights. Maybe you have some older stuff, to which you own full author rights, and that is cool as well, and can be put on MusicRage? We do not say "no" to labels, it's just that most (large) labels say "no" to MusicRage.
Q: How about older recordings?
A: There's only good music and bad music, age doesn't have anything to do with it!

Got any more questions? Hit us up with an email email to