About Music Rage

What kind of sorcery is this?

This is Music Rage. The first pay-what-you-like initiative with a pack of albums by lesser known, better known or just completely unknown independent artists. Great music can be found anywhere, and we want to help connect artists with fans of good music.

You, the customer, decide how much you'll pay for the whole pack. You also decide how much goes to MusicRage itself (to keep it up and running) and how much goes directly to artists. And we really mean directly: no labels or other middlemen, 100% going straight to people that made these works of musical art. You decide how much the work of those artists is worth and how much you want to pay them for their work. You, as the consumers of culture, are its sole patrons.

Just make up your mind quickly, as each pack is sold within a very limited timeframe and there's no way to stretch it!

All the music bought on Music Rage is not only DRM-free, but also available in two audio formats: lossless FLAC and high-quality MP3 (LAME's 'standard' preset).

This is Music Rage - the best way to support great music by paying the artists who made it. We start with metalcore and heavy metal that will make your neighbors cry for mercy, though we won't make Music Rage metal-only and intend to feature packs of different kinds of music.

Stay tuned!

And remember to tell your friends. Well, at least the ones you want to share good music with. Team: MichaƂ & Tomasz